Nitro Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews

Let me put this way: you WON’T find a better facility, better instruction and better environment anywhere around. Professor Filipe is one the hardest workers I met and he will make sure you achieve your goals, no matter what are they.

Leonardo Delgado

Everyone should join Nitro BJJ, unless you don’t want your life to get better by 200%.

Claria Braga

Great place to work out and train BJJ

Dave Echevarria

Nitro BJJ is hands down the best school in the area! Professor Filipe is a great instructor as well as all the other instructors. The school is family-friendly and the environment is great! I recommend for kids and adults!

Gurston Costa

Great facility & trainers, super convenient! Bjj gym, world gym & a chiropractic office all in one!

Tony Russo

The best Brazilian jiu jitsu in the area is here. The instructors are amazing, they have a lot of knowledge and will help you to achieve any goal that you have. They are very friendly and attentive. The gym is always clean and well maintained. I highly recommend to everyone, including women and children.

Priscilla Braga

Everything you need to become the best version of you! State of the art facility and top notch coaches!

Mark Anthony

Make sure you come to soul fighters Brewster and train with some of the best instructors and get the best workout while learning to defend yourself. From kids too adults there’s something for everyone

Charles Lake

Great Facility, Great People and Great Coaches!

Khaled Dassan

This gym is incredible! It is clean, convenient and the coaches are extremely talented. Your membership includes the entire World Gym facility! The classes are available at all lever and differentiated for beginners, women and children as well! This team is truly the best!

Jessica Costa

Gym is immaculate!! BJJ mats are separated from rest of the gym by a glass wall. Fully stocked apparel for sale and a juice bar!! Not to mention a top notch rehabilitation center. This is a full spectrum facility that can handle novice and high level bjj practitioners as well as strength and conditioning for professional athletes and people just trying to stay fit. Dr. Paul Ciatto and Professor Filipe Costa are extremely welcoming to all who come..would recommend to anyone for fitness or professional services!!!

Billy Michaels

Great classes with great trainers. They take the time to go over proper form so you get the most out of your workout. You work up a sweat, get in shape and have fun doing it.

Cynthia Newman Cyprus

This place is awesome! The facility is beautiful and absolutely holds up to claims of being the best, most comprehensive workout center around. It has everything you could possibly need under one roof, right down to nutritionists and easy access to some of the best chiropractic care in the area. Paul Ciatto and Filipe Costa, both BJJ black belts, are not only excellent athletes but great coaches as well. Paul is tough and going to push you to greatness; Filipe is one of the all-around greatest people on the planet. Their teaching styles complement each other very well, and together, they make a pretty amazing team. Respect, etiquette and discipline are a big part of what they do, and it’s one of the most professional schools you’ll find, not to mention, an affiliate of one of the greatest Brazilian jiu jitsu teams there are. If you show up and put in the work, you won’t be disappointed!

Jody Morris

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