Post done by Josh Hinger on his personal Instagram account!

Post done by Josh Hinger on his personal Instagram account!


This a Great Post by Josh Hinger. Very useful and inspiring for in and out of our bjj journey. We had to share and hope you like.Enjoy!

The calendar year is like a training round. You start off optimistically, with some sort of roughly strewn together plan of attack that you put together at the last minute because that’s what everyone says your supposed to do. But actually your plan is just like everyone else’s... simply to dominate whoever and whatever is in front of you. But as the training round progresses, you run into some unexpected bumps. You catch an elbow to the head. A foot to the mouth. Sweat drips into your eye. These are the annoying little things that might throw you off your rhythm. Then at some point you make a mistake. Sometimes it’s a big one, and you pay dearly with blood, sweat, pain, and massive amounts of energy. Sometimes is a small one and you recover without losing too much energy at all. Whats important to note is that no one gets through it without making a mistake at some point. Maybe it’s a big mistake, maybe small, maybe painful, maybe just expensive, but we all make mistakes. Sometimes the mistake causes us to submit, and we need to take a moment to sit down and orient ourselves before getting back to our feet. But no matter how badly we mess it up, no matter how many mistakes we make, we get to try again. The round will come to an end, you will say goodbye to the opponent, goodbye to the mistakes, goodbye to the pain. You will analyze what went wrong and try to make adjustments and improvements for the next round. And then you will try again. But this time you will do better. We can always do better. I made many mistakes in 2019, but I will to do better in 2020.

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